1208 N. Center Ave. Merrill, WI 54452


3 Man Baker Bowling Tournament

Event Details

Saturday, December 15, 2018
3:00 PM

Event Description

Reserve your team’s spot by calling Chris Doerr at (715) 212-1631

Teams consist of 3 players per team with a rotating line-up. Line-up will be set at the start and kept through qualifying. Teams bowl a 12 game block moving lanes every 3 games. The top 4 teams will bowl a stepladder final. Max game score is 300 including handicap.

Handicap is 80% of 690 - over 690 is scratch. Use last year’s highest average of 18 or more games unless your current average is 15 or more pins higher. Any bowler using a non-sanctioned average must be approved by tournament director. Sport shot averages will be adjusted using USBC chart.

$90 entry fee per team