What Is A Bowling League?

A bowling league is a weekly event where several teams bowl against each other over the course of a season.

Leagues consist of weekly sessions that require each bowler on a team to bowl three games per week. Leagues have a set weekly fee. That fee covers the cost of bowling and also provides funds for prizes, award banquets, and prize funds that are distributed at the end of the bowling league's season.

Bowling leagues can consist of two, three, four or five players that meet up once a week. Our Saturday and Sunday leagues bowl every other weekend. All of our leagues meet on the same day and time for a predetermined amount of weeks.

Leagues can be set up as male-only, female-only, or mixed. In most bowling leagues a team rolls three games per visit. After the first week of the league, the running average for each player is established. That bowler's average can then be used to get pins added to their scores to help keep things competitive. This would be considered a handicapped league. A Scratch League gets no handicapped or extra pins added to their score.

Adult Leagues

Monday Scratch (2 person teams) - starts at 6pm

Monday Mixed (4 person teams) - starts at 7:30pm

Tuesday (4 person teams) - starts at 6:30pm

Wednesday Seniors (4 person teams) - starts at 9am

Wednesday Men (4 person teams) - starts at 6:30pm

Thursday Mixed (4 person teams) - starts at 6:15pm

Friday Mixed ( 4 person teams / bowls every other week) - starts at 6:30pm

Saturday Church League (4 person teams / bowls once a month) - starts at 6:30pm

Sunday Mixed (4 person teams / bowls every other week) - starts at 6:30pm

Youth Leagues

Monday PeeWees (ages 4 to 6 / bowls with bumpers) - starts at 4pm

Monday Bantams (ages 7 to 8) - starts at 4pm

Tuesday All-Stars (ages 13 to 18) - starts at 4pm

Thursday Preps (ages 9 to 12) - starts at 4pm

League Standings

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